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Double Thruster - Tar Ice

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Smooth shaft lays on top of yours, for double-penetration or thrust using only double thruster... or lift and use yours.... sling base stays on even when not hard. Designed to morph onto the base of you with concave shaft, fits for double penetration to thick base.

HunkyJunk original design clutch cock ball sling keeps penetrator Double Thruster lock in place. Sling base keeps it on for double penetration... or slide in it like a strap-on. Firm enough to use hard, squishy enough to fit right. Made of super-soft, smooth silicone blend.

Smooth and slick
Material: silicone and TPR
Cock ball and sling
"Strap on"
No straps, no harness cocksling based strap on pegger
Designed to double penetrate or wear as a strap-on pegger
CLUTCH cocksling base is thick and meaty, this stays on
Shaped to lay on top of shaft and morph at the base

Length: 8" (20.32 cm)
Width: 1.5" (3.81 cm)