How To Find & Buy The Right Sex Toys

How To Find & Buy The Right Sex Toys
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pleasure seeker, sex toys provide the tools you need to improve your overall sex life, no matter if you’re in a relationship or want to enhance your solo fun and experiment with different pleasure pursuits. To help you choose the best toys for your sex life, we have a collection of sex toy guides for you to read through. Each of our guides has detailed information on how to use certain types of toys; the diverse toy options in each collection and how you can get the most out of them; sex toy tips; and much more.

Vibrator Buying Guides
Our Big Guide To Buying The Best Vibrator
For all vibrator lovers, whether you’re a beginner or an expert in this area, here’s your ultimate go to guide for all vibrating sex toys! From clitoral vibrators to rechargeable vibrators, we’ve features all of our vibrator toy collections here to make it easier for you to see the wide range of sensual and multi functional vibes you can add to your own personal collection. If you’re ready to start your journey through the vibrator realm of the sex toy world, let’s get started!

Which Magic Wand Vibrator Is The Best?
Not familiar with a magic wand vibrator? Our detailed and straight to the point buying guide for these popular adult toys will help you learn more about what they can do for you. We’ll also share trending pleasure wands for you to add to your own toy box!

Your Guide To Buying The Best Clitoral Vibrator
Do you or the special lady in your life enjoy intense clitoral stimulation and orgasms? If you’re looking for a sex toy that gives you enhanced clit thrills, try a clitoral vibrator. Learn more about these exciting vibes that pinpoint and heighten your pleasure instantly with our exclusive buying guide.

Large Vibrator Buying Guide
Tired of super small vibes or regular sized sex toys that don’t give you enough pleasure? Want to upgrade your orgasms and your toys to something bigger and better? Large vibrators are your solution for more satisfying solo sessions! From realistic dildo vibes to luxury massager wands, large vibes come in assorted colors, designs, and shapes while still giving you the same exciting vibration fun you love. These jumbo vibes are made to be longer, thicker, and more gratifying, so don’t be shy and go big!

A Guide To Buying Extra Quiet Vibrators
Whether you’re a mom with a house full of kids and need a little ‘me time’ or you’re a college student who needs to get away from crazy class schedules and roommates for a little personal fun, extra quiet vibrators will be your best friend! Although it’s true that there’s not a vibrator (yet!) that’s 100 percent silent, you can still fool those around you and fly under the radar with your sexual desires. These super quiet vibrators are designed specifically to give you the ecstasy and satisfaction you’re looking for without the hassle or disturbance of loud vibrations. Now you can stop being paranoid and wondering, “What if someone hears me and my secret comes out?!” Read our exclusive guide to see what types of vibes you can get that are designed specifically for quiet, pleasurable settings anywhere you go.

Which Is The Best Rabbit Vibrator?
It’s an intimate toy no woman should be without: It’s the Rabbit! The rabbit vibrator is one of the most best selling adult toys out there for women. With its dual action delights and multiple naughty functions, these adorable, feminine, and arousing vibrators are a must have for any pleasure seeking lady. If you’re new to sex toys or want to learn more about rabbit vibrators, read through our handy guide! Or if you think you're ready to pick your favorite, check out our rabbit collection and our user generated Top 10 Rabbits.

Remote Control Vibrator Buying Guide
Versatile, convenient, and thrilling, remote control vibrators are unique sex toys that can accommodate all your naughty needs or sexy play. From rabbit vibrators to vibrating dildos, many of popular pleasure toys you may be familiar with have remote control versions that make excellent alternatives for other vibes. These types of vibrators have a certain appeal to them that makes it easy for you to enjoy discreet stimulation in public, bring more fun to the bedroom or simply vary your solo session with different toys. They’re mostly used for foreplay purposes, or even for intense orgasms if you’re extra sensitive. In this guide, you’ll learn plenty about these sensual vibrators and discover a wide selection of remote controlled pleasure tools that you can add to your own private collection. Be sure to check out our Top 10 Remote Control vibrators to see what our customer love!

Massager Vibrator Buying Guide
This guide will detail traditional massagers in various designs as well as unique massagers that deliver extra sexy functions for you to experiment with. Read on to learn more about this super popular vibe and find a personal masseuse for your own collection!

Bullet Vibrator Buying Guide
Get all the pleasure you want in a compact vibrator! Bullet vibrators are one of the most popular, if not essential, sex toys for women to have. With these fun sized personal pleasure wands, they help introduce you to the world of sex toys in a more mellowed manner. We’ve made it easy for you to find and buy the perfect bullet vibes for you with our handy guide here. Read on and learn more about these mini vibrating toys.

Butterfly Vibrator Buying Guide
Perfect for all day pleasure, even while you’re performing ordinary household chores or running errands, these wearable vibrating sex toy accessories allow you enjoy in hands free stimulation. These butterfly shaped stimulators have wide wings that cover your pussy and have a bullet vibrator in the body of the butterfly to give you external pleasure. With adjustable straps attached to these vibrators, you’ll be able to keep your personal pleasure pal close to your body.

Egg Vibrator Buying Guide
Love eggs, egg vibrators – no matter what name is given to these quaint and dainty vibes, they still deliver orgasmic pleasure to your sweet spots! Whether for clitoral arousal, shallow vaginal penetration, tantalizing nipple teasing, and irresistible anal play, you can use the egg vibrator for a wide variety of pleasure pursuits.

Finger Vibrator Buying Guide
Want a vibrator that’s smaller than a bullet vibe? Try finger vibrators and see how much pleasure you can get with these small, yet pleasure packed, sex toy accessories! In our guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of finger vibrators available so you can find the perfect one for you and your finger. Now you can heighten your fingering play with these one of a kind vibrators! Be sure to check out our Top 10 Finger Vibrators for a look at what our customers love!

Beginner's Guide To Classic Vibrators
Whether you’re a beginner or expert when it comes to sex toys, classic vibrators are for everyone to enjoy. If you’re not familiar with these popular sex toys for women, here’s our handy buying guide to help you out.

How To Choose A Realistic Dildo Vibrator
What’s the deal with these so called sex toys called ‘realistic dildo vibrators’? Glad you asked because here’s our thorough guide on these innovative 2 in 1 pleasure packed joysticks!

Choosing The Best Attachments For Your Magic Wand
Massager and magic wand vibrators are known for their powerful and penetrating vibrations that send you over the moon and back for another round of orgasms. But, when you want to do more with your sex toy, you can use these extra stimulating components and dress up your mega vibe for even more sexual satisfaction.

From G spot massagers and anal probes to dual and triple stimulators, you’ll find a wide range of vibrator attachments for accessorizing your magic wand. Want more entertainment from your vibrating joystick? Pair one of these accessories with it and satisfy your naughty needs!

Powerful Vibrator Guide
Would you like to take you pleasure from ‘eh’ to ‘OHHH!’? One way to do that is by upgrading your sex toy collection and getting yourself an ultra powerful vibrator. But how can you determine which vibe has the strongest, most intense vibrations? We’ve figured it out for you!

Your Guide To Luxury Vibrators
Spoil yourself and invest in your sexual happiness with a luxury vibrator! A little indulgence goes a long way when it comes to these designer brand sex toys. But, if you need more convincing, read through our luxury vibrator guide and learn more about these lovely buzzing beauties that are a treat to behold (and hold)!

Beginner's Guide To Better Sex With Couple's Vibrators
Pack your bags because you and your lover are going on vacation to Pleasure Island! But, before you leave, read through our exclusive guide on Couples Vibrators and make your vacation even more adventurous by bringing a couples sex toy with you. Couples vibrators are designed specifically for adding extra erotic fun to your love life. Hesitant about using a vibrator in the bedroom? Take notes from the 41 percent of men and women who have used a vibrator for foreplay or the 37 percent of men and women who added a third party (a.k.a. the vibrator) to intercourse. If you still need convincing, read on to explore the world of couples vibrators.

Which Vibrators Are The Most Discreet?
You’ll never get busted or get caught red(hot) handed when you have a discreet vibrator in your possession! Better than other vibrators that you can only use at home, these vibes come in a variety of forms, but they’re all travel friendly and quiet enough to use even when other people are around. No one will ever suspect a thing, and they’re great to have when you want to keep your guilty pleasure top secret. Use our guide here to learn more about these exciting vibrators!

How To Choose & Use The Best G Spot Vibrator
Not sure what the G spot is? Let us help you out there! Read on to learn more about your anatomy and secret sexual pleasure zones. You’ll also learn plenty about the best G spot locator in our guide: the G spot vibrator! Once you learn all you can, head over to out Top 10 G Spot Vibrators list and get yourself the perfect vibe!

How To Choose The Best Anal Vibrator
Overwhelmed with all the anal vibrator choices available? Not sure what anal vibrators are or if it’s a toy you want to bring home? Here’s your one stop buying guide for all your backdoor pleasure needs! Get the low down on these exciting anal vibrators and see if they’re right for you. And when you're done your learning, be sure to check out our Best Selling Anal Vibrators list that we've created based on reviews and sales from our customers!

Choosing The Right Dual Action Vibrator
Seeking more pleasure from your toys or want a 2 in 1 vibrator that sends you to the next level of mind blowing orgasms? Try the dual action vibrator, an upgraded version of the vibrating sex toy that only stimulates a single sweet spot (e.g., clitoral vibrators for clitoral pleasure only). Get to know these multi talented vibes with our buying guide here and bring one home to satisfy your erotic desires and when you think you're ready have a look at our Top 10 Dual Vibes and pick yourself a guaranteed winner!

Male Sex Toy Buying Guides
Make your solo or lovemaking sessions more fulfilling with male sex toys!

Women aren’t the only ones who can have fun with intimate toys. Men, you can find the perfect sex toy partner for all your naughty needs. From the best selling Fleshlight and elaborate realistic butt toys to the simple cock ring and penis pump, men have plenty of ways to intensify personal pleasure while masturbating or engaging in other sexual acts. Some intimate items are meant to be for masturbation purposes only, such as the Fleshlight, the TENGA Flip Hole and Egg, and realistic butts and vaginas; you can share the moment with your lover by letting them take the reins. If you want to increase your cock’s size naturally or make your erection more sensitive to the touch, try a penis pump or a cock ring to enlarge your penis for a more satisfying sexual experience. Find all you need for male pleasure in our collection!

Cock Ring Buying Guides
Make your erection bulkier and extra sensitive for enhanced pleasure with a cock ring!

Simple and effective, these erection enhancing rings restrict blood flow to the penis safely to help delay ejaculation and make your member fuller in size, giving you a natural boost in girth. Great to use for masturbation or lovemaking sessions with your partner, these penis accessories are versatile and can be used for a variety of sex play. Some rings are large enough to bundle your cock and balls together for intensified sexual sensations. If you want even more thrills with a penis ring, try a vibrating cock ring that offers multiple vibration settings for you to experiment with your lover; you can also find rabbit shaped cock rings and other couple friendly toys for you to share with your mate.

Dildo Buying Guides
How To Buy The Right Dildo A Beginners Guide

Dildos are one of the best selling toys on the market. Versatile, unisex, and thrilling, dildos are designed to generally provide both vaginal and anal pleasure. Thanks to creativity and technology, though, there is a plethora of dildo options for you to experiment with; you can now add more than one of these pleasure enhancing joysticks to your secret drawer of naughty toys! From giant dildos that fill you up to the max to dildos that vibrate and give you double the stimulation, dildos have evolved over the years and have become a staple in personal sex toy boxes. You can now find the most suitable one(s) for you to indulge in whenever you get a craving for erotic fun. Come to our version of a naughty wonderland and see what our Dildos Collection has in store for you!

How To Choose The Right Silicone Based Dildo
Silicone dildos and sex toys in general are typically made of medical grade silicone, which means that you’re getting a luxurious, hypoallergenic, and body safe sex toy. Perfect for anyone who is allergic to other types of material, such as latex and rubber, silicone is a high quality material that provides comfort and enhances your pleasure. Silicone made dongs range in colors, shapes, sizes, and functions, so you can find one that suits your naughty needs and enjoy the erotic sensations these silicone joysticks deliver. From vibrating and realistically designed dildos to simple and slim suction cup dongs, these silicone dildos are sure to please your sweet spots and give you the sexual satisfaction you desire.

Our Best Tips For Using A Strapless Dildo
Enjoy more intimacy and play out your fantasies with a strapless dildo!

Strapless dildos are innovative sex toys that are fantastic alternatives to the classic harness strap on sex toy. With a strapless strap on, you don’t need any harness – all you need is you, your partner, and strong Kegel muscles to keep the dildo in place while you thrust the toy inside your partner. Featuring a bulb sized end and a dildo end, these double dildos provide both partners pleasure, which can’t be done with most traditional harness strap ons. Some of our strapless sex toys vibrate or have realistically designed shafts to add more excitement to your experience. Great for couples who want to try pegging play or mutual penetration vaginally, these versatile double ended dildos are excellent to have in your naughty collection.

How To Use A Suction Cup Dildo The Right Way
Take penetration play to the next level and use one of our best selling suction cup dildos!

Featuring a strong suction cup base, these dildos stick onto almost any smooth surface, giving you complete hands free pleasure. Whether you want to include one of these fun and versatile dildos to your solo sessions or lovemaking, you can try all sorts of sex positions and expand your sexual horizons by experimenting with these sex toys. You can also use a suction cup dildo to train and practice for the real deal, from oral sex to anal sex. These dildos vary in sizes, so beginners and more experienced users can enjoy these sensual joysticks. Most are made with a lifelike cock shape to make your experience more real and exciting. Read more in our guide and discover the hidden erotic thrills of these suction cup dildos!

What Is A Vibrating Dildo?
Get the perfect 2 in 1 sex toy with a vibrating dildo!
Vibrating dildos are a dream come true for pleasure seekers who love vibrators and dildos. Now you can indulge in the intense and amazing stimulation these dildos provide. With multiple vibration settings, lifelike designs, suction cup bases, and various other functions and features, these hybrid dildo vibrator toys are versatile and allow you to experiment different pleasure pursuits to expand your sexual horizons. From silicone to realistic, these thrilling joysticks are made in a wide range of materials for you to choose from. Whether you’re new to sex toys or well versed in sex toys, dildo vibrators come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to satisfy your naughtiest fantasies and deepest desires.

How To Choose The Perfect Metal Dildo
Be adventurous with your sex toys and try a metal dildo!
Made from high quality, genuine metal material, these unique dildos have a sleek and naturally cool feel that excites your sweet spots with spine tingling pleasure. Metal sex toys are temperature sensitive, so you can experiment with various temperatures (e.g., putting the metal toy in the freezer to make it extra cold) and make sexual anticipation even more satisfying and thrilling for you or your lover. You can also use metal dildos in a variety of ways, including anal and vaginal stimulation, which gives you more to do with your new favorite toy. From slim and petite to thick and curvy, our metal dildos come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your preferences.

How to Use a Double Ended Dildo
Specially designed for couples play, but also gives individuals a new toy to enjoy, the double ended dildo has two heads on each end; your lover takes one end while you take the other, and both of you can explore a whole new world of bedroom play! This unique sex toy lets you become more intimate with your significant other, a better alternative to strap on dildos. Many double dildos have a long form and a pliable body that lets you bend and curve the toy to your command, making it more comfortable for you to play with. Most have a lifelike design, with veins and a sculpted cock’s head, that looks and feels like the real thing to make your experience more intimate with your partner.

If you’re only looking for a new pleasure tool to add to your personal intimate toy collection, you can use double dildos to stimulate two sweet spots simultaneously. Some double dildos are actually dual probed and have two shafts on the shame side for anal and vaginal play. From glass to rubber, you can find a wide range of double ended dongs in various materials for your naughty needs. Grab one of these thrilling joysticks and make them a part of your sex routine, whether you’re going solo or enjoying it with your mate!

How To Buy A Harness Ready Dildo
Dildos are fantastic sex toys that allow you to indulge in vaginal and anal pleasure, and strap on harnesses give you the freedom to take penetration to the next level. Whether you’re in a lesbian, gay or male female relationship, you can find plenty of ways to use a strap on to please you and your lover. Some harnesses come with dildos, but, if your current dildo isn’t satisfying you or your partner anymore, it’s time to switch it for something better. In our Harness Dildos Collection, you’ll find a wide range of realistically designed dildos that are harness compatible thanks to their wide, circular base, which is the key to finding a harness friendly dong toy. Find your new harness dildo(s) from our top selling collection and make strap on play more exciting than ever before!

Buying & Using The Perfect Glass Dildo
Exquisitely designed, these elegant pleasure wands are not only beautiful sculptures, but they’re also toys that satisfy your naughty needs. Each glass dildo has its own design, and are often used for vaginal penetration and G spot arousal. Most of them have a textured surface to provide more internal stimulation and give your vagina a sensual massage. Glass dildos have a rigid form, but don’t let that make you think these are uncomfortable toys! The sleek and smooth surface makes these wands of sexual bliss easy to insert, and the hard form even helps enhance stimulation, providing a stronger pressure against your vaginal walls and G spot. If you’d like to bring one of these stunners home with you, check out our exclusive collection of high end and sexually stimulating glass dildos and add one of these beauties to your own personal pleasure stash!

A Guide to Clone A Willy & Homemade Dildos
Craft your own realistic dildo by molding your favorite real life cock with a homemade dildo kits!
Now you can put your creativity to the test and try this homemade dildo making kit to mold your own joystick toy! These kits allow you to create a replica of your favorite cock, giving you a completely one of a kind, designer like dildo that no one else will ever have. Easy to use, each kit comes with every supply you need to form your personalized dildo and includes detailed instructions for you to follow. From edible chocolate cocks to bright neon dildos, these penis molding kits come in a wide range of colors and styles. Choose your favorite or collect them all so that you can have a complete homemade dildo collection!

G Spot Dildos Buyer Guide Perfect G Spot Penetration
From beautiful and erotic glass sculptures and realistically designed dongs, these G spot dildos are specially crafted with a curved body or angled head to deliver direct G spot stimulation. For many women, finding their G spot can be difficult; in some cases, the G spot is too small to locate with just the fingers. If you’re using a G spot dildo, though, you can easily feel the intense awakening of your vaginal sweet spot thanks to the curved tip. You’ll also discover that many of these dildos have unique patterns along the shaft of the toy to bring extra inner stimulation. If you’d like to experience a vaginal orgasm or even female ejaculation, take one of our G spot dildos home with you and explore your body for even more orgasm hot spots effortlessly!

Realistic Dildos For A Realistic Experience Buying Guide
Full of irresistible and erotic temptation, these lifelike dildos are designed to look and feel like a man’s real member, which is perfect for anyone who wants a more realistic experience with their sex toys. Versatile and varied, these dildos come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs that accommodate different kinds of sex play. Some dildos are designed specifically for anal pleasure while most are best for vaginal stimulation, but you can find dildos that allow you to do both at the same time, such as double ended realistic dildos or dildos with a round base or suction cup at the end to prevent the toy from going in too far (necessary for anal play). Many lifelike joysticks also target specific pleasure zones that you want to stimulate even more while enjoying a dildo toy, such as G spot dildos. You can also find countless dongs that are harness compatible so you and your lover can indulge in naughty strap on fun in the bedroom. Make your solo sessions or couples lovemaking better than ever with these realistic dildos!

The Best Porn Star Dildos For Porn Star Experience
Have you ever wondered what an adult film star’s cock felt like, or have you ever wanted to get naughty with a porn star and fantasized about it endlessly? Now you can make your fantasies come to life with these exciting dildos that are clones of the real thing! Some sex toy manufacturers have a special line of exclusive molded dildos that have been crafted from a porn star’s cock and offered to fans around the world. Porn star dildos are typically large and come in a variety of unique shapes and colors for you to choose from. Some also have vibrating functions and suction cups as bases for more versatility. Whether you want a more realistic dildo or you’re a fan who wants a dildo made from your favorite adult film celebrity, there’s nothing like these bad boys!

Like Black Dildos? Here's How To Choose The Right One!
What’s not to love about sex toys that stretch you more and go in deeper for a more intimate and exciting experience? Black dildos are often designed to be bigger and better than their slimmer and lighter counterparts. Most of these black joysticks are designed to look like the real thing so that you can have a more personal solo session where you can let your wildest fantasies come to life. From inflatable black dildos to ultra thick suction cup dongs, these black dildos come in a wide range of designs, but they’re all great for experienced sex toy lovers.

How To Use A Large Dildo
These mega sized joysticks provide even more mega sized fun, and they're the perfect upgrades when you want to switch from your small sex toys to a more satisfying one. Most of our large dildos have a realistic cock design some are even molded from real life porn stars that give you a more intimate experience while you play out your wildest fantasies. You can also find large dildos that have vibrating functions for enhanced stimulation for your inner and outer sweet spots. With a wide variety of sizes ranging from 7.5 to 12 inches and extra girthy for maximum stretching pleasure, these mammoth sized dildos will have your eyes popping with mind blowing orgasms.

What Are Ejaculating Dildos & How Do They Work?
You’ve got realistic dildos, and then you have squirting dildos. These ultra lifelike dongs provide you with a more intimate and exciting experience that no other toy can give you. With their realistic shape and design and their ejaculating abilities, these joysticks of pleasure are versatile and can be used for a variety of sex plays, from vaginal stimulation to oral sex practicing. You can fill these bad boys up with your own fake semen recipe or use body safe lubricants for ejaculation fluid. Most squirting peckers have a pump attached to the dildo to make it easier to control the ejaculation action. If you’d like to bump up your realistic experience with a dildo, choose an ejaculating dildo to add to your own collection!

Anal Sex Toy Buying Guides
A Guide On How To Prepare Yourself For Anal Sex
Keep yourself clean and safe with anal hygiene tools!

Anal hygiene is essential and helps prevent spreading harmful bacteria in your environment, no matter if you want to engage anal sex with your lover or if you want to enjoy your anal sex toys. In our Anal Hygiene collection, we feature anal cleansing douches, shower douche systems, and anal lubricants to provide you with the anal sex necessities you need to practice safe and hygienic backdoor pleasure. Explore our collection and read our Anal Hygiene Guide for more information on the tools you can use.

Beginners Guide To Anal Dildos
When you want to amp up your backdoor pleasure, there’s no better way than with an anal dildo. Anal dildos are typically designed with a safety base on the end of the toy to prevent the dildo from sliding in too deep (and turning you in an embarrassing E.R. story). Whether you’re looking for slim and gentle to jumbo-sized dildos that will take you to your limit, beginners and experienced users can find the perfect anal dildos to suit your naughty needs. Be sure to pair an anal lubricant with your anal dildo.

Beginners Guide To Anal Beads
Start your arousing and exciting anal adventures with anal beads!

These beginner-friendly anal sex toys are often slim and have a graduated beaded design that allow you to take it slow and make it easy for you to experiment with anal play. Some anal beads even have vibration modes for you to enjoy more stimulation for better backdoor pleasure. If you love anal beads, but want one in a bigger and thicker size, we also offer anal beads in larger sizes for more experienced users.

Beginners Guide To Anal Sex Toys!
Once known as a taboo, anal sex has become more accepted as a sex act among individuals and couples. If you’re looking to fulfill your anal sex fantasies or to make your curiosities a reality, these sensual booty-pleasing toys are available in countless variations to suit your backdoor adventures. From small and beginner-friendly butt plugs that are best for novices to large and uniquely shaped anal probes and dildos for the adventurous and experienced, an assortment of thrilling anal sex toys awaits. Be sure to pair an anal hygiene tool and anal lubricant with your new toy for extra comfortable and effortless backdoor fun. Explore our collection and find one or more anal toys to add to your secret stash of erotic goodies for anal arousal any time!

Couples Sex Toy Buying Guides
Beginners Buying Guide to Couple's Sex Toys
From cock rings to strap ons, you and your partner can discover the thrills of sex toys in the bedroom and improve your love life in ways you never knew before. You can also find more than sex toys to save your relationship from going into a sex rut. With sex games and sex dice, you can make every foreplay and sex session extra exciting since you never know what you’ll be made to do. For more spontaneous naughty fun, give your special someone love coupons that detail rendezvous to a hotel, a romantic getaway, or a night of passionate lovemaking just the way they want it. If you want to start off slow, try a simple pleasure-enhancing basic, like a stimulating gel or massage oil. No matter what you’re looking for to help bring more variety to the bedroom, we have you covered with these fun and arousing couples sex toys!

Butt Plug Buying Guides
Beginners Guide To Buying The Best Butt Plug
Enter the world of anal sex and start with a sensual butt plug!

These butt plugs are one of the best-selling anal sex toys on the market, and for good reason. Designed with a signature cone-like or spherical head and tapered shape, these timeless anal sex toys are easy to use and give you a satisfying stretch for mind-blowing backdoor stimulation. Anal plugs are made for safe backdoor play thanks to the handles or retrieval ring at the base of the toy, which prevents the toy from sliding in too deep and saves you from being a story at a doctor’s dinner party! Although most butt plugs have the traditional design, there are also ones that have unique forms and functions that deliver exciting arousal. Inflatable butt plugs, anal sex toys with faux animal tails, vibrating anal plugs, and butt plug toy sets are just a few of the numerous kinds of butt plugs available, so be sure to browse through our selection of these sensational adult toys to find the perfect plug for your booty!

Bondage Toy Buying Guides
Beginners Guide To Bondage & Kinky Toys
Ramp up the kink factor in your love life and make your bedroom a bondage playground with bondage gear!

Even if you’re not into hardcore BDSM play, you can still enjoy the thrills of the bondage world with these exciting and beginner-friendly bondage toys and accessories. Wrist and ankle cuffs, blindfolds and ball gags, and whips and feather ticklers are just a handful of the basic bondage essentials you can find here at If you want an all-in-one kit, you can find restraint kits or bondage accessory sets for all your erotic BDSM fun with your partner. Indulge in a little more kinky pleasure tonight with these bondage gear!