Couples Sex Positions

Booty_Grind and Sex PositionsBooty Grind

Great position for teasing or pleasing your partner! Just jump on his lap and start rocking away to drive your guy wild.

This thrilling sex position is great for anal play, but you can easily it use for vaginal sex as well.

Booty Grind Anal Masturbation Position
Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging position for people who want to try something new

Pros & Cons
+ Great for experimenting with anal sex
– Requires some special preparation
– Can be tiring if her leg muscles aren't very strong

Before having anal sex, it's important that prepare in advance. Take a quick potty break and make sure to wipe thoroughly afterwards. Then jump in the shower and carefully clean your tush with warm, soapy water before drying off. Make sure to use plenty of anal lube, which is thicker and longer-lasting than other types.

The guy should sit on a large sturdy chair with his legs spread apart. The woman then sits slowly down on his lap while carefully guiding his penis inside her ass. (This is where the lube becomes extremely helpful.) She should then take a breather while giving her body time to adjust. Then she can take start gently rocking her hips before picking up the pace. Sitting on top, allows her to take charge. She can control just how deep he goes and how fast as well. And if she becomes uncomfortable, she can stop immediately just by standing up. That makes this position especially good for first-time anal sex

Winged Swan Sex PositionsWinged Swan

Start your night with a bang! Similar to tribbing, this sex position is great for grinding and teasing each other.

Doggy-Style PeggingDoggy-Style Pegging

Explore the world of strap-on sex and role reversal with this special sex position! Perfect for kinky couples interested in trying something new!

The Backdoor BowThe Backdoor Bow

Maximize your backdoor fun and stimulation with this special masturbation position!

Jumping Rabbit

Enjoy deeper penetration and increased stimulation with this more difficult version of basic doggy.

Classic 69 Sex PositionClassic 69

Let's get licking with this time-tested oral sex position! Great for foreplay, 69 is designed for mutual pleasure so you'll never have to fight over who goes first again!

Rocking Horse Sex PositionRocking Horse

A more intimate version of cowgirl, this sex position allows both partners to rock together for increased passion and pleasure. 

Swinging Reverse Cowgirl

Swinging Reverse Cowgirl

This woman on top sex position allows her to enjoy enhanced clitoral stimulation while setting the pace and taking control during sex.

This woman on top sex position is easier to do than reverse cowgirl and offers greater clitoral stimulation.

Swinging Reverse Cowgirl Illustrated Sex Position
Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

Pros & Cons
+ Puts the woman on top so she can set the pace and take control
+ Less strenuous than traditional reverse cowgirl for longer-lasting fun
– Forces her to do most of the work

The man sits on the bed, leaning back with his arms braced behind. The woman kneels down on her knees while facing away from him. She gently lowers herself onto his lap while leaning forward to rest on her hands. She can then rock back and forth on her hands and knees while grinding her clit against him for increased stimulation.


Classic Oral Sex PositionsClassic Oral

Make your lover moan & groan with this tongue-tastic oral sex position.

Stirring the Pot Sex PositionsStirring the Pot

Cook up some sexy thrills with this sex position made for fun in the kitchen or dining room!
Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

Pros & Cons
+ Simple & easy to do
+ Adds a fun and naughty touch to your relationship
– Greater chance of being interrupted or getting caught

The woman hops on top of a flat surface about waist high such as a kitchen counter or dining room table. She should sit as close to the edge as possible with her legs opened up. He should hold her close while supporting her legs at the same time. He can work his magic, while holding her tight to make sure she doesn't slide across the table. If needed, she can wrap her arm around his neck or body for extra support. This position is great for intimate eye contact, while breaking out of the old bedroom routine. Just keep your eyes open for the oven dinger so dinner doesn't burn!

The Upside Down Sex PositionThe Upside Down

Brace yourself for a head-rush of pleasure! This wild oral sex position leaves both partners on the giving and receiving end of tongue-wagging thrills - making it great for kinky foreplay!

Created for mutual oral sex, this kinky position is sure to satisfy you and your partner.

Upside Down Sex Position
Difficulty Level
Advanced: an extremely challenging sex position that requires significant strength, stamina and flexibility

Pros & Cons
+ Enjoy oral sex at the same time
+ Head rush increases her stimulation and pleasure
– Requires extreme strength
– Difficult to do for long periods of time

Start with both partners facing each other on their knees. The man grabs the woman around her torso and spins her upside down. He keeps his arms in place to hold her in place. She rests her upper legs on his shoulder, wrapping her ankles and arms around his torso to help support her weight. This requires a significant amount of strength, especially from the male partner. But it also leaves both of you perfectly positioned for mutual oral sex. Additionally, she'll also enjoy a heightened sense of euphoria from the blood flow rushing to her head.

Winged VictoryWinged Victory

Dive deep while tickling her G-Spot with this intermediate sex position. Controlling her legs during sex makes it easier to adjust position as well for increased fun.
A natural for G-Spot stimulation, this intermediate missionary sex position is great for deep penetration as well.

Winged Victory Illustrated Sex Position
Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging sex position for people who want to try something new

Pros & Cons
+ Great for G-Spot play as well as deep penetration
+ Leaves her hands free to play with her clit and breasts
– Not recommended for women with arthritis or hip problems

She starts by lying flat on her back with her legs lifted up. The male gets on his knees in front of her with his legs spread wide. He grabs her ankles, holding her legs open for an eye-popping view of her body. He can then move or shift her legs as needed during sex, allowing him to take charge. With her legs out of the way, the position is ideal for fast and deep penetration as well as G-Spot play. Her hands are free to stroke his upper thigh and tease her nipples or clit for additional stimulation.

adultys’s Tip: Insert a Liberator Position Aid or a few pillows under her butt to provide additional support. The higher angle makes deep penetration and G-Spot stimulation easier as well.


Best 3 Anal Sex Positions

Find the best anal sex position for you and your partner! We took an informal poll among experienced backdoor lovers and found the most popular positions for anal sex. Check them out for yourself and decided which one you want to try. Or go ahead and do all of them!

Finding the best anal sex position can be a tricky proposition. One person might need an anal position that allows them to take control, while someone else might place a higher value on comfort. In the end, the best anal sex position really comes down to your personal priorities. So your friends at quizzed our backdoor experts to find the most popular anal positions as well as their personal recommendations. And here’s what we found out:

Before having anal sex, make sure you take time to properly prepare. That means spending a few days or even weeks ahead of time slowly warming up your backdoor. It means having plenty of Anal Lube on hand to keep everything comfortable. It also means stopping immediately at any time if anal sex becomes uncomfortable or painful.

Anal Doggy Sex PositionAnal Doggy

If you want something fun and comfortable, then this is best anal sex position for you! Doggy is associated with anal more often than any other sex position – mostly because it gives your partner a great view of your rear! More importantly though, doggy naturally angles your backdoor for more comfortable and more enjoyable backdoor penetration. Since the pace and depth is all in the hands of your partner, you have to trust his judgement and control. He should pay close attention to your body language and signals to make sure he stops if it ever becomes uncomfortable for you. 

Get on your hands and knees with your legs spread apart to open up your cheeks as well as your backdoor. Your partner should approach you from behind before slowly plunging in for anal doggy. You can raise or lower your hips as needed to change the angle of penetration, making it relatively easy to find the most comfortable position for anal penetration. He can rest his hands on your hips or lean forward to play with your breasts.

Depending on how you like it, he might even tug on your hair some or start spanking you during sex for kinkier play. He could talk dirty or even straddle your rear – allowing him to ride you from behind complete with cowboy noises.

Anal Cowgirl Sex PositionAnal Cowgirl

If you want to take it slow and steady, then this is the best anal sex position for you! Anal cowgirl has the dual benefit of allowing the partner on top to set the pace and control the depth – making it ideal if you’re worried about taking it too far too quickly. It’s also great if you need to stop suddenly for any reason.

Start with your partner lying or sitting on the bed and then straddle him. You can face him for eye contact during sex (cowgirl) or face away to give him a great view of your rear (reverse cowgirl). And then gently lower yourself on top of him. Wait a few minutes to give your body time to adjust before you start moving with a gentle rocking motion. If you’re worried about your partner getting carried away, then hold onto the lower half of his penis. Your hand will help increase his stimulation by acting as an extension of your backdoor, while limiting how deep he can go.

Anal Spoon Sex PositionAnal Spoon

If you want an anal position that relaxes both partners while allowing for easy clitoral play, then this is the best anal sex position for you. Spoon is a very intimate position with a high degree of skin-to-skin contact for improved intimacy. This makes it fantastic for anal play, which can sometimes create a sense of distance or separation between partners. 

Start with one partner lying on their bed with their legs and knees slightly bent. The other partner lies down beside them, scooting close for skin-to-skin contact. The male can then gently slide his penis inside her backdoor. The position naturally limits how fast he can go, making it ideal for anal. It also leaves him free to tease her breasts and clit for additional stimulation. The “little spoon” can curl their legs slightly for easier access and more comfortable penetration.