Ben Wa Balls


How to Use Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls are one of the most unusual sex toys you can find. While it’s fairly obvious how a vibrator or dildo works, Ben Wa balls are a little more complicated. Learn how you can use Ben Wa balls effectively so you can get the most pleasure and benefits from this specialized sex toy.


Ben Wa Balls are nothing like your typical sex toy. Most sex toys are designed for active stimulation – whether it means teasing your naughty bits with a vibrator or using a dildo to fill yourself up. Ben Wa balls, however, are a more passive toy. If you want to use them correctly and reap their many benefits, then you’ve got to do the work.


Using Ben Wa Balls for Kegel Exercises
Most women are primarily interested in using Ben Wa balls for Kegel exercises. Simply insert the balls like you would a tampon, and then start squeezing and releasing your vaginal muscles.  Ben Wa balls are like free weights for your vagina. The weight of the Ben Wa Balls forces your vaginal muscles to work harder to hold them in place – giving you a more intense and effective Kegel workout. Their small, rounded shape also helps strengthen your pelvic floor to help enhance your muscle control and strengthen your orgasms.


Using Ben Wa Balls for Stimulation
Once you’re finished with your Kegel exercises, you can use your Ben Wa Balls for gentle stimulation. Many Ben Wa balls contain a small weight inside them that moves along with your body. Ben Wa balls aren’t nearly as strong as a vibrator, but they’re great for subtle stimulation over long periods of time. Some women use their Ben Wa balls all day long – especially if they’ve got special plans for that night! The more active you are, the more the weight moves so you can control the stimulation up to a point. The actual motion is completely random, so you’ll never know what to expect and you’ll never get over-stimulated like you can with certain types of vibrators or other sex toys.


What are Ben Wa Balls?

Just a few years ago, Ben Wa Balls were a confusing sex toy that most people had never heard about. And now they’re a confusing sex toy that everyone wants to try. Find out what Ben Wa Balls actually do, how to use them, and how these mysterious balls can help improve your sex life. 

Ben Wa Balls have rapidly gone from being one of the least understood sex toys to one of the most popular. And it’s all because of their appearance in the best-selling erotic series 50 Shades of Grey. After 50 Shades of Grey came out, there was a huge spike in Ben Wa Ball sales as women read about them and decided to try them out. But they quickly discovered that there’s a huge difference between reading about fictional characters using Ben Wa Balls and personally trying them.

Ben Wa Balls are essentially any sex toy designed for Kegel exercises and vaginal stimulation. They look very similar to the Chinese meditation balls that roll around in the palm of your hand.

Ben Wa Balls traditionally come in pairs, even though you can use them one at a time and still get an effective workout. Despite their name, Ben Wa Balls aren’t always shaped like balls. Some are more oval shaped, while others are more like teardrops. Ben Wa Balls vary even more when it comes to size and weight so you can better fit your personal needs. Ben Wa Balls can be linked together on a harness or they can be completely separate like a pair of marbles. Some Ben Wa Balls contain free-rolling weights or mini vibrators inside them for additional stimulation.


How Do Ben Wa Balls Work?
Ben Wa Balls use your natural instincts to strengthen your vaginal muscles. When you insert a Ben Wa Ball, your vagina automatically tightens around the ball to hold it in place. The more active you are, the harder your vagina works to keep the Ben Wa Ball from slipping out. This gradually strengthens your vaginal muscles over time. But you can actively speed up the process by combining Ben Wa Balls with Kegel exercises. Kegels involve you actively clenching and releasing the balls with your vaginal muscles. Just like many other exercise routines, Kegels need to be repeated on a regular basis for maximum effectiveness.