Difference between Bullet and an Egg ?

Difference between an Egg and a Bullet

There are many different ladies’ adult toys you can use. Vibrators are among the most popular sex toys in the world. Women adore them for many different reasons. They are intense, reliable and can give powerful orgasms. There are many different types of vibrators you can use for pleasure. In addition to the common penis-shaped vibes, there are also some small yet powerful vibrators you can use. Egg and bullet vibes are among the most popular of those vibrators. People all over the world use them for pleasure. However, not all people know the difference between an egg and a bullet vibrator. In order to get the most out of these toys, it is important to know their similarities and differences.

Bullet and egg vibrators are very similar in many ways. These are mainly clitoral vibrators made for stimulation of the clitoris and vulva. However, it is possible to use eggs and bullets to stimulate other sweet spots, such as nipples, perineum, anus, testicles, penis head, and more. Depending on the size and design of the toy, it may be possible to use your egg or a bullet for vaginal or even anal stimulation. Also, both types of vibrators are small and compact, so they are easy to hide and carry around. These are very similar types of toys in many aspects. However, there is some difference between an egg and a bullet you should know about.

Eggs and Bullets

While bullet and egg vibrators are very similar in shape and use, there are some notable differences. The most important difference between an egg and a bullet vibe includes:

As their names say, bullet and egg vibrators have very distinctive shapes. Egg vibrators are typically larger and oval in shape. Bullet vibes are smaller and slimmer; they resemble lipsticks.
Wireless or wire control. Another difference between an egg and a bullet is the type of control. Bullet vibrators are typically wireless. They work by pressing a button. Egg vibrators are more varied in this regard. Many eggs include a controller you or your partner can use to change the speed and power of vibration. These eggs typically include a wire that attaches a toy to the controller. However, there are also many different models of remote controlled egg vibrators and completely wireless ones.
While there are many different bullets and eggs out there, generally speaking, bullet vibrators are simpler than the egg vibrators. A bullet vibrator is a simple toy with a few different speeds and functionalities. This doesn’t mean that bullet vibes are bad; on the contrary: this small toy can pack a lot of power! Egg vibrators often include more speeds, types of vibrations and power levels, though this depends on the model.
Bullet vibes are smaller and easier to hide. Also, they often look like small lipsticks or battery containers. Many are made to resemble household objects. It means that you can hide them in plain sight. Bullet vibes are also easier to carry when you travel. Egg vibrators are a bit more difficult to hide, mainly because of the remote control. However, they don’t look like typical sex toys so chances are that many people won’t be able to guess what they do.
The way you use them. While both bullet and egg vibrators are mainly clitoral vibes, it is possible to use them vaginally, too. However, it depends a lot on their size and number of functions. This is why larger eggs are better toys for penetration. Many bullets are simply too small for that, though some people like to use them for vaginal stimulation. When it comes to anal stimulation, keep in mind that many of these vibrators are not safe for anal use because they can get lost. However, it is possible to use them around the anus and on the perineum. This is why a nice bullet or an egg can be a male sex toy, too. Also, there are egg vibrators with vires and other additions that make them safe for anal penetration. However, before you attempt this, make sure that your toy is safe to use in this way. Remember, these are, first and foremost, clitoral vibes, though people often use them to stimulate other sweet spots. Just make sure to stay safe during use so you can have all the fun without any problems.

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